About Us

About us



The association focused on ensuring the wellbeing, interests, development, advancement, professionalisation, recognition and support of all Artisans, Technicians, Engineers & related competencies across Africa. Registering with us benefits and opens up new doors for all our members across industries in Africa. ATEAA is a Non-Profit Association with the sole purpose of servicing and looking after the interests of our members, our professions & industries we serve in.

Our Dream

In 2015 a dream was born to provide Africa’s Artisans, Technicians, Engineers and related competencies with a dynamic support structure & promote the industry on the continent. This was meant for everyone:

  • The formal and informal sector
  • Regulated and unregulated role players
  • Qualified and unqualified individuals

In 2018 the ATEAA was established.

The Challenge

Artisan, Technician, Engineering and related competencies are key skills & professions required in driving a new industrial agenda and embracing the 4th Industrial revolution on the African continent. Over time, these critical skills and professions have received very little or limited focus which led to the eroding of one of the fundamental assets in Africa.

Over the past few years, organisations, both public and private, have recognised this potential risk & have initiated programs to address this. Unfortunately, initiatives yield limited success and are specific in nature, focused on specific regions, sectors, industries or professions. Projects weren’t based on a strategic integrated and progressive approach that will service the needs across Africa.

Not all necessary aspects related to Artisans, Technicians and Engineers are given attention, which means the industry and Africa’s professionals don’t yet benefit as they should:

Not all necessary aspects related to Artisans, Technicians and Engineers are given attention, which means the industry and Africa’s professionals don’t yet benefit as they should:

  • There’s no development, exposure, support and advancement of industry and professions.
  • One sees a lack of professionalisation, Reward and Recognition of these professions.
  • There’s no representation of these professions at critical public and private forums.
  • There’s a need for access and participation in various learning and development initiatives to sustain the profession. Insufficient number of Artisans, Technicians and Engineers are produced annually, due to a range of challenges related to legacy social issues , economic challenges, limited resources, strategic planning, lack of implementation capability, political agendas and influence, etc.
  • There are problems with monitoring, tracking and reporting on statistical information related to these professions.
  • Despite high levels of unemployment in Africa, there is still an influx of international foreign professionals, rather than utilizing local and or African talent.
  • Access to skills for key strategic national projects is limited.
  • There’s a need for portability and mobility of critical & scarce professional skills across Africa, as opposed to importing these skills from other continents
  • No establishment of Centres of Excellence across Africa, leveraging the potential of specific talent of African nations.
  • Individual advancement, development and support doesn’t happen.

A gap and opportunity still remains in the market for an organisation that will bring a strategic, collective, integrated and sustainable offering across Africa.

Please contact us to discuss your membership and circumstances to determine your fee.

The Solution

ATEAA believes there is a solution. ATEAA is the organisation that will fulfil this strategic role and drive:

  • Synergies
  • Integration
  • Leveraging
  • Sustainability
  • Opportunity

It is done through reducing duplication of resources and effort & by building sustainable partner relationships with existing institutions, organisations and associations in both public & private sectors.

Through our operational, tactical and strategic functions we will benefit the modern professionals, specialists as well as aspiring individuals. We do this through leveraging, group benefits, training and much more.

The ATEAA exists for:

  • Unqualified Skilled and Semi-Skilled workers
  • Student / Learners and Emerging Professionals
  • Qualified professionals
  • Seasoned and Experienced Professionals
  • Retired Specialists and Professionals

We believe they can co-operate, support each other and as a result develop the industry overall. We aim to bridge gaps, facilitate networking, support, enhance, develop and spark opportunities.

The ATEAA infrastructure also incorporates other role players such as:

  • Government institutions
  • Public and private associations & institutions
  • Businesses
  • Communities
  • Sponsors
  • Donors
  • Stake holders

Their participation holds opportunities and benefits for them as well as all other members.

Through synergy ATEAA enables changes that benefit Africa’s workers, gaining momentum to ensure a better future for all.

Your Role

Your membership and participation can benefit you, your business & other role players. Become part of the solution.

Join the association

Change is possible. For all students, formal/informal and qualified/unqualified professionals in the Artisan, Technician and Engineering industries, so much more can be done. We need to work together. ATEAA makes that simple, possible and beneficial to all.

Where will you play your part?