Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission


ATEAA brings complete change to the Artisan, Technician and Engineering industry, to benefit all role players. We work for VALUE, PURPOSE and POSSIBILITIES by ATEAA for Africa, by Africans.

Value for Africa by Africans.

We believe local talent deserves more recognition. By advocating professionalism, quality and credibility, individuals can realise their value, & pursue greater goals.

All communities require artisans, technicians and engineers in order to function & develop. All Africa will benefit when the industry acquires the right number of professionals who can consistently perform work of a worldwide standard.

African talent needs to be developed and utilised to ensure economic benefits for workers, as well as local economies. We want to provide the network with more dynamic professionals.

Purpose for Africa by Africans.

The continent will benefit when governments and businesses no longer have to outsource work or import certain skill sets from other continents. This benefits the economy through more affordable costs compared to paying for foreign skills. In addition, when work is allocated to locals it counters unemployment and ignites growth & opportunity.

Therefore, through developing the industry ATEAA works to benefit Africa as a whole.

Possibilities for Africa by Africans.

When the industry develops, more possibilities will break open for local professionals. Artisans, Technicians and Engineers in Africa should be recognised as world leaders in their craft.

Through affiliation with us, and our network of affiliated enterprises, members are respected more. This leads to more work opportunities.

ATEAA also focuses on increasing the scope of these possibilities by representing members in various sectors. Through enabling networking between members and acting as a talent portal for these professions, the industry will grow.


How do we reach our goals? Simple.

African Pride

It’s our goal to look after members’ wellbeing and interests. To make this happen we need each one to function optimally and benefit from opportunities. Investing in our members will:

  • Improve our African quality of products and service
  • Improve out talent in terms of competencies and capabilities
  • Improve the perception of Africa
  • Contribute towards positively improving the lives of all Africans across our nation

We are Proudly African.

ATEAA aims to promote open, fair and equitable practices of which these professions can be proud of & to which other role players will respond positively.

African Signature

There’s no reason to source professionals from outside the continent when the industry’s abilities are up to standard. When professionals and specialists deliver high quality work to employers, markets and our communities, it leads to sustainable growth, trust and continuous improvement in African products & services. This will also ignite the African spirit of entrepreneurship and opportunity.

With a greater trust in our professions and our ability to execute, local, but also international businesses will once again gain trust and belief in the use of Africa’s Artisans, Technicians & Engineers

Africa United

ATEAA doesn’t act on its own, but fosters a culture of relationship building, partnerships, integration, empowerment, coaching and development between members & other role players. It’s necessary that all partners work together to enhance the industry. This includes workers, specialists, professionals, businesses, the public sector, the private sector and many other entities. On the ATEAA platform all these units can connect, network and utilise each other’s resources.

Also, when African governments help ATEAA to counter common challenges such as inequality and gender or racial prejudice, the entire profession benefits.

Africa Incorporated

The ideal is all African countries working together to enhance the industry and Africa as a whole: Creating an environment where African countries pool resources and skills to collectively help build & solve challenges. This has long term benefits for all involved as it ensures:

  • African collective growth and investment
  • More job opportunities
  • More affordable rates when local talent delivers world class standards
  • Benefits to African economies when there’s less unemployment
  • Africa advancement

ATEAA is a structured body that initiates change to benefit all.

Please contact us to discuss your membership and circumstances to determine your fee.

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Change is possible. For all students, formal/informal and qualified/unqualified professionals in the Artisan, Technician and Engineering industries, so much more can be done. We need to work together. ATEAA makes that simple, possible and beneficial to all.

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