An Association for African Artisans, Technicians and Engineers Signals New Hope for African Youth


Africa is a rich blend of cultures, ethnic groups and religions, created by countries with interesting histories. Along with diversity comes the reality that not all Africans have the same opportunities, resources or future prospects. But one association now focuses on changing that.

2018 is the year in which the ATEAA was established and started the challenging, but vital, work of gearing towards industrialisation in Africa. From now on there will be an Association that r will support, develop, advance, represent and consolidate in common goal and purpose the wellbeing of Artisans, Technicians and Engineersin Africa.

Africa’s Challenge

The ATEAA (Artisan, Technician & Engineer Association Africa) is aware of the challenges the 21st century’s African Youth in specific face. The continent has a median age of 25, making it the youngest continent at the moment. 420 million youth (aged between 15 and 35) live in Africa but only half of them are currently employed. While 11 million people join the job market every year, only an additional 3 million jobs are created.

All of this paints a bleak picture for youth in general, but specifically for Artisans, Technicians and Engineers. They need to compete with professionals internationally as well as the challenge of foreign talent being imported in Africa, noting the dilemma of an oversupply of skills amidst the shortage of job opportunities..

Added to this is the specific challenge African women face. (While 20% of men aren’t involved in any kind of training, employment or education, this statistic reaches a staggering 35% for women. – I agree with challenge for woman, however this statement is a bit confusing. May need to be reworded)

ATEAA—Changing Future Prospects of Many Africans

Now, things are set to change. The ATEAA embarks on a range of projects necessary to transform this picture. Their initiatives include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Educational projects to enhance the abilities of Artisans, Technicians, Engineers. These plans are tailored to also reach those in remote communities and areas.
  • Job creation for Africans by partnering with private and public sector stakeholders.
  • Empowering professionals by providing an opportunity to tender for local, regional and National projects.
  • Rebuilding the trust in African professionals in these industries, through enhancing professionalism and workmanship.
  • Projects that are inclusive and offer opportunities for both Formal, Informal, qualified and unqualified, employed, self-employed and unemployed individuals.
  • Re-igniting Industrialisation and entrepreneurship
  • Partnering with related organisations and associations, locally and Internationally, in recognising, enhancing, developing and supporting the capabilities of our professionals
  • Codes of best practice and good governance

These projects are aimed at improving opportunities for everyone in this industry, large and small, both in the formal professional sector as well as the informal and unregulated sector. However, it will specifically benefit young people looking for long term solutions as this can set them up for a better quality of life, sustainable opportunities, dignity and pride from the moment they leave school and institutions of learning

The challenges Africans face are part of the reason 14% of global migrants come from this continent. When there are more opportunities and resources, these figures are bound to change. The ATEAA has made it its goal to see this happen. Together, empowering industrialisation and opportunity in Africa. You can find out more about their activities here.

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