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Want to know more? We can provide comprehensive information to help you understand our association, identify your role in the network and register to become part of ATEAA. Which of the following do you need?

Please contact us to discuss your membership and circumstances to determine your fee.


We appreciate each role player and we’re proud to offer benefits each can enjoy as part of their membership & as part of this network.

ATEAA uses a comprehensive infrastructure to fund and support our various activities. Through membership and other partnerships we obtain the necessary, ongoing cashflow to enable our services.

Self Funding

The founding members, motivated by the vision, invested initial seed capital in the NPO startup.

Government Funding

We believe in the power of collaboration and incorporate various role players into our network. This includes African governments and the public sector. They provide funding and sponsorship to benefit individuals & projects.

Local and International Donors + Sponsors

We continuously network with local and international role players, both in the public and private sector, who donate funds & resources to aid ATEAA services, initiatives and requirements.


Membership fees go towards benefiting all parties concerned. Your fee price point will fall in one of these categories:

  • Region membership
  • Individual membership
  • Vested interest partner membership
  • Stakeholder membership
  • Industry membership
  • Institutions of education

Please note that we also consider no fee membership for unique scenarios.

Corporate Business

The private sector is central to obtaining opportunities as well as funding for our members and projects. The private sector is one of the direct beneficiaries of the products and services from Artisans, Technicians, Engineers & related competencies.

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Change is possible. For all students, formal/informal and qualified/unqualified professionals in the Artisan, Technician and Engineering industries, so much more can be done. We need to work together. ATEAA makes that simple, possible and beneficial to all.

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