How do I change my Membership Type/category / Level

A: The member must send an email to requesting the change. Member must include Name, Surname, ID as well as the desired Membership Type /Category / Level.

Note: Member must also provide the relevant Supporting documentation, Qualification, etc. 

Do I receive an incentive by nominating / recommending a new member

A: There are incentives / benefit for existing Members that nominate / recommend new members. Existing Member must go to the “Nominate Member” on and submit the new individuals Name, Surname, e-mail and contact number.

Once the nominated / recommended individual successfully registers as a member, the nominating member will be advised of the incentive/ benefit available to them. Note, the incentives / benefits will change annually. 

Will I receive a Membership Number that I can use as my reference

Yes, in the next system update release, you will be issued with your UNIQUE ATEAA Membership number. 

I have registered as a member with ATEAA and as part of my registration, I selected a Membership Category e.g. Professional Artisan. Can I officially use this as my Title

ATEAA is currently in the process of registering the various DESIGNATIONS e.g. Professional Artisan, with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Once the SAQA registration is complete, ATEAA will be able to officially issue the relevant designations to members. This Designation will also be referenced and available on the Members profile on the ATEAA website for the member and or potential employers, etc. to verify membership. However, in order for a member to officially receive a certain ATEAA Designation, which he/she can officially use as their Title, the member is required to meet the requirements for receiving the specific Designation. Members will need to provide the relevant supporting documents, qualifications, employment, experience, etc. and depending on the Designation level, the member may need to be assessed, or required to under a panel interview, etc. to prove that he/she meets the minimum requirements of the specific Designation. 

Once I receive an Official ATEAA Designation, can I use this as my Title?

YES, Once ATEAA has officially evaluated the relevant supporting documentation and the member has met the full requirement, ATEAA will officially communicate the Designation to the member. Note, the 

Once the Designation has been allocated to a member, does it expire or is it a lifelong title?

All ATEAA Designations are valid for a minimum period of 12 months / 1 Year. All ATEAA Designations will have a validity period and will expire annually. This will be displayed against the Members profile and is visible to the public for verification purposes. It is important to note that ATEAA Designations can also be revoked or suspended from the member for various reasons. This will be handled and communicated only between ATEAA and the Member. Should the Member rectify or correct the areas that are of concern, ATEAA can make a decision to re-instate the Designation or uphold the suspension.  

I am not a South African but work in South Africa. Can I register with ATEAA and become a member?

YES, all individuals across Africa and in other countries are welcome to register with ATEAA and become a member. 

Is ATEAA only present in South Africa?

ATEAA is currently operating out of South Africa. However, the intention is to grow our presence into other countries, either physically or virtually, on the African continent and secondary progressing to other countries globally.

How is ATEAA linked to and working with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)?

ATEAA has a formal working relationship with ESCA. As strategic partners, ATEAA and ECSA work together in servicing the value chain of the Engineering sector.