Benefits of Membership

At all levels, your ATEAA membership guarantees benefits to you as an individual, organisation, business or institution. ATEAA invests the revenue in activities that work to the advantage of all concerned. In paying membership fees, members enable ATEAA to act on their behalf and represent the profession, industry and individual and organisation members.

Your membership gives you access to these benefits.


Opportunities for networking

ATEAA enables networking on various levels for all membership types. Individuals can network with each other and gain access to role players in the public & private sector.

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Businesses can source and network with local professionals in order to employ the right skill sets from their home countries instead of paying for foreign skills. These networking opportunities are done through various conferences, workshops, workgroups, industry specific projects, virtual engagements, social networking, etc.


Continuous development

ATEAA continuously provides opportunities for development, education and training for specialists and professionals. This is done to ensure continuous enhancement of competencies as informed by continuous changes in the industry, introduction of new methods, systems, processes, services and products.

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Continuous development is focused on:

  • Enhancing available skill sets in the industry
  • Formalising skills of yet unqualified role players
  • Offer verification and certification of applied skills & knowledge relevant to the industry

By ensuring training is provided in various mediums through the ATEAA Learning Academy we make it more accessible to more individuals. The association also goes as far as providing bursaries to enable more members to take part in these training initiatives as we build the talent pool for the industry.



Affiliation with ATEAA boosts respect and recognition in the eyes of prospective customers, investors, stakeholders, employers, etc. This respect and recognition is developed through members having access to learning and development opportunities.

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Characteristics of our learning opportunities:

  • Structured
  • Value adding
  • Industry informed
  • Applicable to industry
  • Value adding
  • Relevant to industry needs

ATEAA networks with various vested interested parties, training & development, governmental institutions and public and private organisations and institutions. The goal is empowerment by creating opportunities for members to enhance skills & knowledge. ATEAA has thus established a Learning Academy and offers the following learning opportunities:

  • Traditional classroom training, workshops and conferences: Scheduling, tracking and reporting.
  • Strategic partnerships: Providing structured learning programs and work experience-based learning opportunities.
  • Structured digital learning solutions: E-Learning, gamification, virtual learning, collaboration, communities of practice, etc.
  • Expert online courses: Hosted for members and communities.

We partner with various institutions of learning to enhance curriculums to make sure these are aligned to and informed by industry requirements. Additional value added services include working with verification agencies, governmental institutions and institutions of higher learning to define & obtain recognition standards for local and foreign qualifications.


Access to employers

ATEAA offers a Jobs Portal, that allow members easier access to potential resources and employers:

  • Members can create a profile and allow industry players that are members to view and engage with potential candidates.
  • Individual members can express interest and take advantage of employment opportunities.
  • Business and organisation members can advertise employment opportunities & receive applications for consideration.

Community Impact and Empowerment

Each member adds to the impact African based professionals and businesses can make, by strengthening the ATEAA infrastructure. Experts can invest in and support new talent or introduce new technology. ATEAA is a structured body that makes it easy to reach and impact others in the market.

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ATEAA has established an empowerment initiative, called “ADOPT CAMPAIGN”. Here, large businesses will be encouraged to identify and adopt a smaller and micro businesses especially in the informal sector. The goal is to consciously establish a long term relationship built on:

  • Mutual benefit
  • Exchange of services
  • Business development
  • Outsourcing
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching and support

ATEAA will facilitate, monitor, support and report on progress and new ways to incentivise successful projects.


Market Exposure

Members can use the ATEAA platform and network to share their marketing material, new technology and market their services with other interested parties. This benefits the industry at large, while providing exposure for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Small and micro organisations, especially in the informal sector, have limited resources to market their products & services. ATEAA will bridge this gap by creating opportunities for members to both market and receive services.


Administrative Services

A structured body such as ATEAA will manage, record, tract and monitor all member information in a responsible manner, complying with relevant legislation. ATEAA has a team of specialists that will ensure that member information is verified, accurate and credible. This makes it easy to access administrative resources such as work permits and verification of skills or qualifications. Members get automatic access to these services.


Access to Tenders

ATEAA offers a Tender Portal where members can link to tender opportunities, with the necessary resources to submit professional tender documents. This can be at a business to customers or from a business to business (B2B) perspective. Members can also network with each other via the ATEAA portal to pool skills. They can create project/tender specific virtual organisations and resources to submit tenders that comply with all the necessary requirements.


Central Database

Members become part of the ATEAA database. Employers can use this to source appropriate service providers or find workers with specific skills. Because ATEAA networks with many role players, this information will reach more people and businesses than when Artisans, Technicians and Engineers fend for themselves. This will assist other Governmental organisations and research institutions in ensuring that information is credible and reliable to inform strategic and nations’ priorities.



ATEAA protects the interests of all involved in this industry. Potential employers are protected from price exploitation from foreign skills. It also protects the rights of the public and enterprises from possible risks that are associated with low quality workmanship, malpractice the public and poor work ethic. The workers in these professions enjoy protection from global impact when we promote their cause so fewer foreign workers are employed in Africa.


Access to Professional Services

The public or businesses that require the services of these professions can use the ATEAA platform to source appropriate, skilled members. The association provides references and reviews from other members that have used the services of a professional. Members receive ratings to improve their chances of acquiring the work.

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Businesses and individuals that rate higher on key drivers will be favoured due to their high rating from their customers. Key drivers include:

  • Superior quality
  • Ability to execute
  • Value for money
  • High customer service

This healthy competitive environment will further add credibility to the services rendered by these professionals. This also makes it easier for customers and businesses to select the correct individual or business. This limits the risk of employing a business or individual that will provide sub standard work.


Join the association

Join the assocation’ (at the benefits) add this text: “You deserve the best possible chance to enjoy success in your chosen field. Your membership with ATEAA gives you access to many benefits to enhance your career & business. It also strengthens the industry’s impact in Africa, which is an advantage to all of us. Ready to start?


Download the ATEAA Proposed Designations Framework document


Your membership fees are determined according to various Members categories. Fees range from no fee to low or higher price point fees. These dues position ATEAA as a representative of each member and the industry as a whole.

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Services and Benefits

Being part of a Professional Body

Access to support and guidance from Independent Professional Body

Professional recognition and Registration

Professional Title (dependant on level)

Access to Continuous Development (CPD) programs and initiatives

Access to further Study and Academic Bursary opportunities

Access to Coaching and Mentoring opportunities

Access to Jobs Portal

Access to special ATEAA projects and initiatives such as the “ATEAA Adopt Campaign”

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Waivers & Discounts

ATEAA can consider discounts or waivers in certain circumstances:

  • Unemployed Members
  • Part Time Workers
  • Career Breaks (e.g. Maternity leave, etc. )
  • Redundancy and Retrenchments
  • Retired Professionals (After passing legal retirement age)
  • Special Conditions (e.g. Medical condition, medically boarded)
  • Students (e.g. Learnerships, apprentices, trainee, student)

Join the association

Membership with ATEAA ensures benefits for all role players. Together we can make a difference in the Artisan, Technician and Engineering industry in Africa. The sooner we all stand together the more we can achieve to ensure a better future for the industry on the continent.